Monday, August 8, 2011

The Stuffing Meal

2.Ground Turkey
6.Big Bowl
Steps on how to make it:
1.Get a pot put it on a hot burner, then cook the stuffing has the box tells you.When the stuffing is done put it in the big bowl.2.Get a skillet and pot it on the Hot burner, put the ground turkey in the Hot skillet cook till brown, when brown strain.Then put in bowl.3.Cut 3-5 sticks of Celery in to ¼ of a inch when you cut all the sticks pot all the Celery in the bowl.5.Put ½ of a BIG bag of corn in a medium bowl, when in a medium bowl put 3 tbs. of a stick of butter on top of the corn.When the corn and butter is in the bowl put in microwave for 3 minutes take out and steer then keep putting back in for 1 minute, keep repeating till butter is melted.When butter is melted put in the big bowl.6.Steer all the food in the big bowl.When it is all combined you are ready to serve!


Made by: Seth D. Aumann

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